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Hoping to create your ideal space and enhance your property value without the hassle of moving? A home addition project is the ideal solution! Prada Builders Group, a leading San Jose home addition contractor, is the one-stop shop you need to transform your house into your dream space.

Whether you’re dreaming of an expansive kitchen, comfy family room or a large second floor, our expert craftsmanship makes sure that your home’s new look exceeds your expectations!

Types of Home Expansion Services We Specialize In

As one of the top home addition contractors in the Bay Area, Prada Builders Group listens to your needs and guides your room addition construction from A to Z. Our range of home expansion in the Bay Area offerings cater to your needs so that your home increases in both value and comfort.

Our San Jose Home Addition Options

Family Room: If you’re looking for a way to spend more cozy, quality time with your loved ones but don’t currently have the space to do so, adding a play room will give your home a dedicated space for all of your gatherings, from movie nights to game days and simply lounging around together.

Master Bedroom

Moving isn’t the only way to treat yourself to a new luxurious space. Our master bedroom room additions will turn your bedroom into a lush suite, including upgrades such as a walk-in closet, private bathroom and more space for all of your needs.

Kitchen Extensions

Expanding your kitchen creates a more comfortable cooking and dining area,  either by reconfiguring your current layout or extending it into a neighboring room.

Second-Story Additions

If you’re looking to dramatically increase your home’s square footage, then adding a second story is an excellent way to expand your home. Whether your family is growing or you simply want more space, Prada Builders will work with you to create your ultimate home addition.

Home Offices


With the increase of flexible work-from-home policies, more room addition construction include extra office space. Having a dedicated office space helps boost productivity and provides a clear separation between your leisure and work space.

In-Law Additions

Hoping to rent out your space or simply have more space when your friends/family come to visit? Adding an in-law house addition will give your home a full additional bedroom, bathroom, living and kitchen area.


Given California’s weather, sunrooms are a sought out house addition in San Jose. The bright space is ideal for reading, relaxation and even indoor gardening.

Bathroom Expansions

Upgrading your bathroom through room additions can help turn an outdated room into a homey getaway. Whether you’re hoping to simply transform your current bathroom, or add a new one, Prada Builders Group is an expert at helping you create your ideal bathroom.

Laundry Rooms


Adding a room in your house just for laundry often improves your overall functionality. This house addition gives you a dedicated area for all of your laundry needs, making household chores more organized and efficient.

What to Expect from our Room Additions

Expanding your home is a significant project that can add substantial value when done right. With Prada Builders’, you can relax knowing that your room addition contracting project is in expert hands. Together, we will make the process less stressful and more successful for your entire family!

Our Home Addition Process

1. Initial Complimentary Consultation


The key to any home addition process is clear, consistent communication. To kick off our collaboration, we’ll discuss your goals and complete an in-depth home walk through.

2. Scope of Work Planning

Your dedicated project manager will put together a detailed proposal defining the scope of work, cost estimates and timelines. Aligning on a thorough plan will make sure we meet your needs on your budget and timeline.

3 Blueprinting


Our survey company will measure the space so our architect and structural engineer can create detailed drawings, showing the existing and proposed layouts for you, and then the city, to approve.

4. Permitting


Our team of experts will submit the layouts to the city and handle the entire permitting process to ensure compliance with all regulations, consistently following up to make sure your plans are approved in a timely manner.

5. Design & Shopping


While the plans are making their way through the city, we will work together on the design, visit showrooms, help you select materials and find fixtures that fit your aesthetic.

Demolition, Framing & Construction: As soon as we secure the permits, we will expertly frame your room addition, ensuring it blends seamlessly with your existing structures. Then, we’ll get to work on constructing your room addition.

6. Installation


 We may install new electrical, HVAC or plumbing systems so that your home can support your expansion.

7. Final Touches


Our team will install all of your fixtures, paint your space and add in the finishing touches.

8. Inspection


We’ll finalize any touch ups and make sure everything complies with regulations so that your room addition San Jose project exceeds your expectations!.

5 Reasons to Consider Home Expansion Projects

While expanding your home may feel like a daunting project, there are numerous benefits, impacting both your day-to-day life and your overall home value that make it worthwhile.

The top 5 reasons why people consider home expansion projects are:

1. Increased Home Value


When done well, additions to your home are a high-value project and a great investment. Once the home improvement project is complete, it can add a lot of value to your home overall.

2.Cost-Effective Moving Alternative


Home additions give you a more economical way to make your current space more convenient without moving. You’ll get to keep everything else in your life consistent, from the neighborhood to your overall living situation and make your space more suitable to your needs. It’s a win-win!

3. Appealing Aesthetics\

A well-designed home addition integrates effortlessly with your existing structure and improves the overall visual appeal. 

4. More Living Space


Simply put, room additions in San Jose expand your home’s square footage! Whether it be a small addition to your bathroom or an entirely new floor, you’re bound to have more space once your home addition construction is complete.

5. Additional Functionality

Taking on a home construction project is similar to completing an entirely new build. Your dedicated project manager will work with you to ensure the new space enhances your day-to-day needs.

Why Trust Prada Builders

Room additions are complex projects that typically include complex structural changes, permitting and inspections, making expertise in new construction crucial. Prada Builders’ years of experience as a room addition contractor in San Jose and new build contractor means you are in trusted hands.

Local Knowledge: Our in-depth knowledge of San Jose building codes and regulations, coupled with our understanding of valuable home additions, ensures that your project stands out in the competitive Bay Area market.

Personalized Approach: With Prada Builders, your dedicated project manager will support you every step of the way, listening to your needs, offering sound advice and suggestions that help you achieve your goals!

Honest Communication: Our team prioritizes honest communication, maintaining transparent pricing, sharing timelines and keeping you updated on your project’s progress.

Long-Term Support: With Prada Builders, you get more than a one-stop build and design firm. You get a family of experts whose sole desire is to help you achieve your room addition dreams. Our team goes above and beyond to make sure you are ecstatic with the results!

Expand Your Home & Improve Your Comfort Today!

It’s time to transform your space to fit your lifestyle! Our expert team is ready to help you craft your dream home addition. Whether you need more space for cooking, entertaining or simply want to add luxurious additions, Prada Builders will bring your vision to life.

Contact us today to take the first step towards upgrading your home, enhancing your day-to-day life and making your house truly feel like a home! 

FAQs: Your Questions Answered

Each question requires about 1-2 paragraphs of answers. The answer should be clear and direct.

Note: Try to avoid long paragraphs. Each paragraph should consist of about 2-3 sentences (3-4 lines).

1. How long does a home addition San Jose project take?

The length of your home addition projects depends on the overall scope of work. 50 square feet room additions take less time than 1,000 square feet home additions.

Typically, home improvement and addition projects uncover additional work that clients want to tack on as well, such as updating systems, redoing floors or replacing old finishes in the rest of the house.

Prada Builders’ track record and experience gives us the ability to quote you specific timelines and pricing based on your goals to ensure we are all aligned before construction starts.

2. How much value do home additions add?

Home additions can add significant value to your property. Because room additions increase your overall space, it inherently becomes more modern, more appealing and enhances its functionality. These are all important factors for value.

The exact value your home addition will add, depends on the quality and type of addition, but the majority of projects see a considerable return on investment in the long run.

3. Do I require permits for home additions in San Jose?

 Yes, your home improvement project does typically require permits before construction begins. This is crucial to avoid legal issues and make sure the room addition is safe. 

As a one-stop shop, we will lodge all permits with the city, and diligently follow up, to ensure your project stays on track.

4. How much does a typical home/room addition cost?



Home and room additions vary in cost depending on the scope of the project, the complexity and the types of materials used. It’s crucial to pick a reliable contractor who offers pricing transparency so you fully understand the cost of your project before you begin.

At Prada Builders’, our initial discussions focus on your ideal room addition outcomes and budget. Once we understand your budget, we help guide your overall scope, including all materials and present a detailed estimate, ensuring you achieve your goals without unexpected costs.

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