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3 Perfect Color Pairs for Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets

One of the hardest decisions to make in the process of kitchen remodeling is choosing the perfect color combination for your cabinets. If that’s the thing you’re worried about, let us introduce two new kitchen cabinets — a recent trend in the interior design industry that’s considered a modern addition to any type of kitchen.

Our expert interior designers often recommend choosing kitchens with different color cabinets, as they can easily improve the overall look of your cooking space by creating depth and contrast, while also adding a personal touch.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the right colors for your two toned kitchen cabinets based on examples of our recent projects that include a variety of color combinations and styles. Let’s start by explaining the essence of kitchens with 2 color cabinets.

What are Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets?

Two tone kitchen cabinets are fashionable trends in modern kitchens, where different colors are used for different parts of your cabinetry. The main reason why people often choose this style while renovating their kitchens is that most types of two tone kitchens create the illusion of bigger space and dimensions. Therefore, even if your kitchen is tiny, this design can help your cabinet add visual interest and highlight specific areas of it.

The best part is that although two color kitchen cabinets include 2 major colors, they are not limited to this contrast. Instead, there are numerous two tone kitchen cabinet ideas available that combine different textures and finishes. Thus, if you try experimenting with these combinations, you can create a beautiful and cozy kitchen that enhances the overall functionality of your space.

3 Best Color Combinations for Two-Toned Kitchens

Dual color kitchen cabinets can vary greatly in colors and styles. While there are numerous colors you can choose from, such as classic black and white, charcoal gray and white, or green and gold. All these color combinations create a balanced and visually appealing space for your kitchen.

But for those who are looking to enhance their multi colored cabinets with modern looks and extra-elegant styles, we recommend choosing from any of these 3 pairs of colors:

Deep Blue and Light Gray

When choosing a combination of shades, deep blue and light gray look very expensive and, at the same time, completely aristocratic. That’s because the deep blue two toned kitchens with lower shelves provide grounding to the space, while the light gray uppers keep everything feeling fresh and open.

We used this color palette in our San Carlos project recently and created a dynamic yet harmonious kitchen environment that leaves a luxurious feel.


  • These colors add extra elegance to the furniture and create a modern look.
  • Light gray provides openness, like the barrier doesn’t exist between inside and outside or between above and below areas of kitchen countertops.
  • Deep blue provides a sense of depth and richness.


  • Deep blue can make small kitchens feel confining.
  • A light gray color may be less appropriate because it may reveal marks and dirt more obviously.

Light Wood and White

two tone cabinet wood white

Light wood and white can be considered a traditional and timeless option that suits most kitchen styles and makes the space look warm and comfortable. Light wood-coloured cabinets increase the naturally warm aura. Therefore, white-coloured 2 color kitchen cabinets will definitely make your cooking area appear spotless.

If you take a look at images of two tone kitchen cabinets in our Los Altos project, you’ll notice that this color combination makes the kitchen feel both modern and welcoming. This is thanks to the earthy charm of light wood and the reflection of light from white elements.


  • The aesthetics of the room in these 2 tone cabinets are wholesome and inviting.
  • Other than brightening up the area, these colors make the space look larger.
  • The optimal features of this design are versatility and timelessness.


  • Some types of light wooden furniture can change color and turn to a yellowish hue as it undergoes degradation over time.
  • White-coloured cabinets need more wiping in comparison to other shades.

Wood Tones and Black

wood black tone kitchen cabinet

The wooden shades of brown in combination with black makes it clear that this is a contemporary style of the two color cabinets. One of the most convenient aspects of the material that wood gives off naturally is its warmth, which, when complemented by stark black cabinets, creates a wow factor.

Our kitchen designer decided to integrate this combination of colors while designing a luxury house in Encino. If you take a look at its 2 tone kitchen cabinets photos, the interior design includes dark, bold black cabinets, which are in contrast with the natural beauty of wood.


  • This combination gives the kitchen a contemporary layout, as well as a stylish and assertive look.
  • It combines beauty with comfort and offers a more natural touch with wooden hues.
  • High contrast forms a focal point.


  • Black color absorbs the light. Therefore, it requires additional lighting solutions in the kitchen.
  • Has a construction that needs regular washing to preserve the shiny, glossy finish.

Benefits of Two Color Kitchen Cabinets

Two-tone kitchen cabinets are a solution that’s worth considering for anyone who wants to add visual interest and natural focal points to their kitchen spaces. This trendy design has both aesthetic and functional benefits, some of which include:

  • Enhanced Visual Interest

Since two-colored cabinets combine two types of color or essence, they look visually striking, which creates an interesting focus on the interior of the kitchen. This, in turn, adds complexity to your interior design in a beautiful, cohesive way.

  • Highlighted Contrast

Playing with two different colors creates a good contrast, which is important for creating a visually satisfying kitchen interior. All the color combinations that we discussed can make your kitchen look less monotonous, regardless of whether it is between the upper cabinets and the lower ones or the central island and the other cabinets.

  • Showcasing Specific Elements

Using 2 toned kitchen cabinets is a great way to highlight specific architectural features or design elements in your kitchen. For instance, a darker color on the lower cabinets will make the area look grounded, while on the same note, using a lighter color on the upper cabinets directs attention to shelves, open storage, or other kitchen items.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are numerous benefits to considering the idea of introducing two tone kitchen cabinets at your house. Regardless of the specific colors you prefer, this design will indeed break up the monotony of a single color and offer the flexibility to highlight different areas of your kitchen.

Considering the demand for stylish kitchen designs that come in 2 colors in the San Jose area, the Prada Builders team is here to help you pick the perfect color combination that matches your house’s overall design.

Take a look at our home remodeling services and schedule a consultation with our interior designers for more details.

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