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San Jose Building Permits: What You Should Know

What is a building permit?

A building permit is the official approval needed by the local government, which allows us to build your projects. Most projects, whether new builds or remodels, require a San Jose city permit. 

Receiving a building permit means that your project is in line with zoning laws, safety regulations and overall building codes.

How much does a building permit in San Jose cost?

A building permit in San Jose cost can range depending on how large your project is, how many changes you are planning to make and how complex the project is overall.

 Additionally, whether your project is residential, commercial or external such as a pool permit, a San Jose shed permit or deck permit, will also play into the price of a San Jose city permit.
For example, many families opt to build an ADU and in San Jose an ADU permit cost consists of planning, building, impact and other fees.

How long is the permit process in San Jose?

Similar to the cost, the length of time the permit process takes depends on how large and complex your project is. If it’s a completely new build, the process is more complex and permitting may take 3+ months.

 If it’s a small, one-room remodel, the review process takes between 1-3 weeks. For complete room additions, a permit can take 1-2+ months. Other projects like ADU permits take up to 2.5 months and shed permits can happen in a matter of weeks.

At Prada Builders, we ensure that the plans submitted to the city are in-line with the city’s expectations to avoid slowdowns due to numerous comments, rewrites and changes.

We will also consistently communicate with the city to make sure your permit does not get stuck in the permitting office without any movement and will respond to any changes needed in a timely manner.

Additionally, while we wait for your permit to arrive, we will work together to select and order materials, furniture, appliances and finishes so by the time the permit goes through, your project moves forward smoothly.

Do you need a building permit in San Jose?

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The majority of home renovations and new builds require permits in San Jose to ensure everything is safe and up to code. If you’re thinking about adding a room or extension, remodeling your bathroom, kitchen or basement, adding a deck, pool, shed or ADU, changing your plumbing or electrical wiring or building a home from scratch, your project will require a permit in San Jose.

If you’re simply hoping to plant new trees, change your carpet, or fix minor leaks, your project may not need a building permit.

Your dedicated project manager will determine whether or not your project needs a permit and will add the cost & length of time a permit in San Jose takes to your overall project estimate and timeline at the start!

What is the San Jose permit process?

The San Jose permit process can be tricky without a strong understanding of the permit process steps. With Prada Builders’ we will make sure your project goes through the necessary permitting steps so that you get approval as quickly (and with as little stress) as possible!

Typical steps for securing a permit include:

  • Crafting detailed blueprints and construction plans of your project that adhere to local codes. Your project manager will also showcase the proposed changes in relation to your current property if needed.

  • Prada Builders will lodge your permit application either online through San Jose’s permit portal or in-person to save you the need to do so.

  • After your permit application is with the city, we’ll start working towards a plan review. Sometimes, permit plan reviews can get stuck so we will consistently follow up with San Jose to make sure your permit is moving along.

     Your permit will likely go through a couple rounds of reviews including a document check with the city staff and a detailed review with officials.

  • The San Jose permit office may come back with changes. If the project requires revisions, we will work quickly to get them to ensure the project continues in a timely manner.

  • As we wait for the permits to be approved, we will work together to design the space and order any necessary materials.

  • Once the city approves, they will issue a building permit, at which point they will also ask you to pay your permitting fees.

  • With your permit in hand, we can begin construction and will schedule inspections with the city throughout the build.

  • When your project is complete, the city will conduct a final inspection to make sure everything is up to code and will sign off, allowing you to utilize your space as you intended to.

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