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Welcome to Prada Builders Group, San Jose’s premier building and design firm. Specializing in new construction, our expert team brings your vision to life with impeccable attention to detail. Our boutique firm houses everything you need from architects, interior designers and project managers to ensure you have a seamless experience.

In a city where cutting-edge architectural trends are normal, we seamlessly blend stunning designs, efficiency and smart technology into every project, crafting homes that elevate every lifestyle. When you build with Prada Builders Group, your home is more than another project, you and your home become part of our family.

Our Architectural Services 

At Prada Builders Group, meticulous attention to detail on architectural projects is the key to our success. As a one-stop-shop, our architects, engineers, and decorators closely collaborate to make sure every inch of your house is taken into account.

We dedicate over 6 hours on average to precise measurements and develop multiple layout options, guaranteeing that your home meets both your aesthetic expectations and regulatory standard, while customizing every element and consistently communicating.

Our Architectural Services Include:

Analyzing and Planning your Space: Your architect will work with you to evaluate your overall space and reveal how your vision can be best interpreted based on your lifestyle, spatial constraints and daily usage.

Assessing Feasibility: Your budget and timeline is incredibly important to us so we will work with you to walk through the financial viability and practicality of your overall ideas. This will also include analyzing economic, technological and legal factors.

Schematic Designing: In order to simplify complex areas into fundamental elements, your architect will create preliminary designs to outline the basics before the more detailed work begins.

Supporting with Bidding and Negotiation: Prada Builders Group will find competitive bids for you and help you negotiate terms that protect you. Bidding helps ensure you’re getting fair pricing and favorable conditions.

Drafting Blueprints: Your expert architect will develop in-depth blueprints with detailed plans of the overall construction. These include precise measurements, materials and full integration.

Permit Lodging: Alongside your architect, we will submit all of your necessary documents to local authorities and make sure the plans are compliant with zoning laws and building codes.

Navigating the Approval Process: We will personally follow up with all local authorities to check that your plans are not stuck in the system. This includes email and in person follow up, addressing feedback and making adjustments in a timely manner.

What You Should Expect from Prada Builders

With Prada Builders Group, you can ensure your needs are taken care of. Our in-depth architectural design process is customized to your project so your vision is brought to life with precision, creativity and quick timelines. Your dedicated project manager will communicate with you throughout each phase so that your ideas are executed diligently from conception to completion.

Your Initial Consultation: Understanding your dream space in detail is of utmost importance. We will ask a myriad of questions, tour the space and analyze your goals so that we can determine accurate timelines and pricings.

Design & Concept Development: Post-consultation, we will translate our findings into sketches and 3D renderings combining functionality and design so you can visualize your space and make sure the overall concept aligns with your ideas.

Construction Documentation: Once we gather all of the necessary measurements, our team will reveal detailed construction documents and blueprints with precise drawings, specifications and every detail imaginable so that the builders have an incredibly comprehensive guide to follow.

Permit Approval: We will work with you to submit all necessary materials to the city and closely follow up to ensure your project gets approval in a timely manner.

Construction: Throughout construction, your project manager will constantly send you updates (and pictures!) so you are in the loop during the entire process. Your architect will visit the site frequently to monitor its progress and confirm on-time execution. 

Final Walkthrough and Review: Once construction is complete, we will guide you on a walkthrough to make sure every aspect of our architectural services meets (and exceeds) your expectations.  

Why Partner With Prada Builders

Prada Builders Group stands out in San Jose with our integrated, full scale model, which gives you access to everything you need under one roof. We are renowned for our exceptional communication, attention to detail and swift timelines. With a deep understanding of the local market, trends and regulations, our team ensures your project is always managed with expert precision.

Personalized Services: We spend ample time with you to fully understand your ideal space and then present multiple layout options to reflect your personal style, daily movements and functionality.

Expert Team with Local Insights: Our team has extensive local knowledge that allows us to navigate laws, regulations and standards to secure superior results and quick turnarounds.

Commitment to Sustainability: Prada Builders Group uses eco-friendly materials as often as possible and is committed to crafting your home in an energy-efficient way that minimizes its environmental impact.

Innovation First Model: We apply the latest technology throughout your project to create the most up-to-date, future-ready home that increases your overall functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Proactive Communication: Your personal project manager is fully committed to you and will send consistent updates so you are looped in throughout the entire build.

Fast Turnaround: From the start, we communicate all timelines and through our efficient project management, ensuring your project is completed on time without compromising overall quality.

What Future Holds: Architecture Revolution in San Jose

San Jose is at the heart of an architectural renaissance and is witnessing one of the fastest urban regenerations in the nation, which makes it a prime place for investment. Over the past 10 years, the city has seen some of the highest home equity increases and strictest green building codes ensuring that as the city grows, it’s still environmentally responsible.

As it’s in the heart of the Bay Area, it’s proximity to industry giants like Google, means there is a lot more growth still to come. These factors make San Jose not just an excellent place to invest but a place to tap into the strongest architectural innovations in the country. Prada Builders is at the cutting edge of San Jose and can help you elevate your build to stand out in the exciting town. 


The length of an architectural design process varies tremendously based on a variety of factors. Your project size and complexity can change the length of a project drastically.

Typically, a residential architectural process in San Jose can take anywhere from 6 weeks to a few months. If your project is more complicated, it may require several months to a year. Prada Builders Group communicates timelines early and often to make sure you understand the amount of time your project will take before we get started.

The price of hiring an architect in San Jose typically depends on the project’s overall scope and how experienced the architect is. Hiring a strong architect is essential as it gives you peace of mind that every inch of your project is taken into account.

As Prada Builders is a one-stop shop, the cost of the architect is built into the total project pricing. This way, you can be certain the entirety of your project is in your budget, vs. having to manage each part and price separately.

Understanding the financial implications of your project is imperative, thus when your project manager shares the overall cost, they’ll also highlight the architect’s cost estimates. These transparent budget discussions are important to help avoid surprises later down the line.

Our architects strive to ensure their cost estimates are as accurate as possible by including everything from their labor to the materials and contingencies. As the project evolves, we will share any cost updates with you so you are comfortable every step of the way.

As your project progresses, it is natural that you may want to make some changes to the design process. The earlier you spot and communicate the changes you want to make, the less likely they are to impact the overall design, timeline and budget.

Your vision and satisfaction are at the center of everything we do so regardless of when you decide to make changes, we will always provide you with multiple options and share how each change may or may not impact the project.

Stay Ahead and Partner with Prada Builders 

As San Jose evolves, it’s essential that your space reflects the most up-to-date trends and standards. At Prada Builders Group, our fusion of local insights and global expertise ensures your space is tailored to your needs. Our in-depth guidance and innovative designs allows you to bring your visions to life in the most practical and visually stunning way.

Contact us today to start the exciting journey towards creating your dream home! With Prada Builders Group, you’re investing in your future, where your ideal form meets expert function. Together, we’ll create your dream architectural space.

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